Photos from Light Rail Day 2023

This site is only for internal use and links to various albums with photos taken at the Light Rail Day 2023 in Odense.

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I know that you, Bernd, would like that I upload the pictures do your webspace, but there is a challenge in (my) workflow. The photos you see here, are out of my editing software and most of the are edited (light, color, crop) and not out of the camera.

Do upload the photos I need to download and upload them again. On the other hand if you see a photo you like, you can directly download it and add the downloads quickly to your webspace. In case you want some edits on the photos you can either write a comment on the photo (requires a free registration) or you  send med the folder name and which picture. There is a counter on the right hand side f.eks. 2/5 it would Photo 2.

I add to screenshots, where you can press to download the photos.

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